About us


Through the years we have gathered a wealth of knowledge about cutting tools, and our trademark is to find the optimal solution for any need no matter if the solution is a standard tool, a standard tool we have customized for the job, or a special tool we make from new.

We are the agents of the entire Sutton tools product range. Sutton Tools is an Australian make, and is considered as one of the best products on the market.

To complete our range of cutting tools, we import a variety of endmills and drills primarily from Germany, England, Italy and France, and if there is anything our largest partners are not able to deliver, we will often find the item through our large knowledge and network through out the industry.

We have our own factory where we make special tools from order, manufacture standard tools, as well as offer re-grinding on any kind of cutting tool. We also offer coating on new as well as any kind of cutting tool.